Basically: About nothing.

Just think of it: Who the heck needs two bavarian jokers who consider it to be fun to steer their russian scrap metal heaps all over New Zealand, talking bollocks and annoying helpless Kiwis? Exactly: Nobody! If you agree on this point, stop reading right now. You won't miss a thing if you don't. Promised!

To everybody else:

This trip is about doing something nobody has ever done before - well, according to our research: Unlike most travellers who resort to the comfort and safety of guided & organized journeys in rented cars or motor homes, we will do a spin around New Zealand - not on four wheels, not on two or even one wheel, but on - three wheels! To be more precise: We will ride around and across New Zealand for four weeks on our own URAL sidecar bikes.

Who is "We"?

"We" are Christian Beyer aka Chris and Dirk aka Dot. Two regular blokes in the wee days of their fourties, still too young for their midlife crisis and already too old to accept the average. Nobody would have probably ever heard of us, hadn't it been for this mad idea that has been haunting us for years: To bring our own URALs to New Zealand for a ride.

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